Guide Dog Charity Meet – Cheddington 15-10-2017

This is one of the best charity meeting of the year. As usual we meet at Halfords car park in Hemel Hempstead because the weather forecast was not so good only Steve was waiting for us.
Lucky for us just before 10:30 Frank arrived in his car as we were not quite sure how to get there.
The event takes place in the yard of Reg Jellis in Cheddington which is out in the countryside down lots of twisty little roads.
On arrival Peter Mayne, Karen & Steve and few others were already there and the barbecue was up and running. The weather was very dull with a little drizzle but not too cold and there were plenty of places to sit including a marquee to shelter from the rain. Lucky it didn’t rain for long and it turned out not to be a bad day at all.
Teas, coffee and biscuits were very welcoming on arrival and any donations went into the box for the charity. Also the barbecue was free providing you donate or buy raffle tickets. As the burgers and sausages are superb and especially made for the barbecue Brian brought a dozen of sausages and half dozen burgers to take home. Raffle prizes are donated from most of us that attended and there was so many prizes to win on the day.
Not long after we arrived Bob Norman turned up followed by Steve and Keith. Unfortunately not so many turned up this year because of the weather forecast and it turned out to be not a bad day after all.
Also every one enjoyed the day and they were all very generous with their donations so hopefully they raised a good amount of profit for this very special charity for the blind.

Brian and I are looking forward to coming back next year. Brilliant day out as we are always made so welcome. please try to make it next year rain or shine you won’t be disappointed.
Pat Beasely 

Canvey Island Transport Museum 08-10-2017

There were 7 of us on 6 bikes that met up at Otterspool Way for 9am . The sun was bright and forecast dry for the day. There were 3 Harleys in the group so we were outnumbered by them Yanks.

Steve led us on our journey which took just over one hour. Vinnie, Brian with Pat, Bill, Ray and I followed on. We got through the gates of the Canvey Island Transport Museum event and parked up. As usual we went upstairs for a cuppa then wondered by the stalls and bus museum. While there we met up with Ray, Geoff and his girlfriend who as late arrivals were only permitted in by pushing their bikes through the gate. We then joined Laurie on the bus to the coast. At lunch Steve, Karen and Frank joined us at the café before we split and headed off in different directions. Laurie bid farewell as he wanted to be home for F1 highlights. Brian, Vinnie and I walked along the seafront before returning to the museum again by bus.

One unusual aspect of where we lunched was that it’s below sea level!

We were fortunate to have good weather the whole day but a bit overcast at times. No waterproofs required (even when dining below sea-level, haha).

We covered about 130 miles and another good day out with the Busybees was had.


Sand & Motorcycles at Leighton Buzzard 24-09-2017

Got to Otterspool Way just before 9:30 am Sue & Roger were waiting for us and not long before Ray, Bill and Len arrived.
Shortly after we set off to Hemel Hempstead to meet up with Laurie, Steve and Keith. As this is a very short ride it was very leisurely except for one not mentioning any names but I was on the back of his bike. We arrived about 10:30am and there were quite a few clubs and trade stands already set up.
Couldn’t believe how many bikes were already there must have something to do with the weather. It was warming up nicely and I could tell that we were in for a very pleasant day.
First stop was to the cafe with Laurie, Roger & Sue for a much needed drink. Sue and Roger had ordered some toasted cheese sandwiches while Laurie treated us to our drinks.

Colin arrived shortly so we had more drinks before setting off to look at the bikes on display. By now the field was covered with bikes and each year we seem to be getting more and more scoters turning up at the show. The sun was quite strong and many more of our Bees were arriving some we have not seen in a awhile. It was great to see Robin, Jeff, Dee, Steve, Alison and Terry.
Also Richard brought along Lynda Patterson who has just started to join in with our little gang even Harry turned up must have been the weather.
There were so many fantastic vintage and new bikes as well as great Rock and roll music this year which was performed by the Rocker Covers. We enjoyed the little steam locomotive and the beautiful little gardens with benches that you could sit on and have your lunch.
It was great to see more Bees and friends like Peter, Roy, Bob, lan, Gordon, Steven & Karen enjoyed all of your company great little show one l will definitely attend next year.
Not many more club runs to go now the days are drawing in so hope to see you all for the next few advents before the winter.
So take care happy biking 

Milton Keynes Bike & Car Show 17-09-2017

Got to Otterspool Way where Bob Norman, Dave Scott and Derick were waiting.
We waited for about 10mins and it looked as if no one else was going to turn up so we set off with Brian in the lead. The weather was looking promising.
Not a bad journey until we lost the others going through Dunstable town centre on the A5. So we carried on and decided to wait for them on the slip road just before the turn off to A422. Unfortunately they went straight on past us waving so we had to go on without them.
Just before the museum we noticed Bob Brooks going in the opposite direction. The reason became apparent later as the road was closed and everyone had to follow the diversion signs. We thought the others must have gone different way as they had a Satnav.
After the first sign we couldn’t find any further signs and so we were going in every direction and almost gave up however we managed to finally find some signs on the opposite road. Unfortunately by now we were in a heavy downpour and were not very happy but arrived at the museum.
The organisers of the show were very apologetic and explained that they had complained to the council about the bad signs and that everyone had great difficulties in following the road signs.
On arrival we were given vouchers for free drinks as usual which was very much appreciated.
Steve, Keith and Peter Mayne were already there and they too had the same trouble as us with the signs.
Soon other members started to arrive followed by Bob brooks who had been going around for quite some time trying to find the museum.
After a warm up and hot drinks we were all ready to look around the museum. Ian, Laurie, Bill and Ray arrived later on also complaining about the signs. Lucky the rain stopped and we had a little sun which made it quite pleasant.
Unfortunately there is no bike show anymore even though there were quite a few bikes. There is always a good turnout of classic cars, vans, army vehicles and steam trains so it’s great to see them all.
The museum is run by volunteers and so they need lots of support. Unfortunately because we have had some bad weather over the last few weeks this show was not as well attended as normal which was such a shame because they go to so much trouble with fantastic home-made cakes, bread pudding, soup, sandwiches meat pasties,  bacon rolls and much more there must have been a lot left over.
By early afternoon most of us started off for home still we had a lovely day out with so much to see in the museum full of history.
I look forward to this event every year great day out.

Ace Cafe Re-Union, Brighton Burn-Up 10-09-2017

Weather forecast for the Ace cafe reunion was strong winds and heavy showers so we were very unsure of how many members would turn up.
We loaded the van up the night before setting off about 6am the next morning. We had very good journey down although near Dorking on the M25 we ran into lots of mist and clouds but the nearer we got to Brighton it seemed to brighten up.
Arriving at around 7:30 we were very surprised to see blue sky with gentle breeze. Steve, Brian and myself with some help from one of the other stall holders we had the gazebo up in no time and kettle was boiling for the first drink of the day. Brian started digging into the rolls for his breakfast.
Soon after Judy and George turned up followed by Johnny at around 8am. Sun was shining wished l had brought my shorts?
Soon more of our Bee’s gang started turning up. Sue, Roger, Laurie, lan, Dee, Max, Harry and even Bob who had come down by train and many more members.
We enjoyed listing to the lively rock & roll band who were opposite our gazebo across the street. We also managed to get bread pudding curtsey of the 59 Club.
There were many bikes a few were very unusual and some very interesting unfortunately because of the weather forecast it was not as busy as the last few years.
All our members enjoyed tea & coffee followed by sausages rolls, lemon drizzle and fruit cake that l had made at the Bee’s hospitality gazebo. The weather had started to change and it was getting colder and cloudier so at about one o’clock we had a quick short sharp shower.
But by early afternoon some of the biker had started to make their way home as more black clouds started to arrive.
By 3:30 pm most of the bikes had gone and so we decided to pack up and made our way home. At about 4:30 it started to rain.
Not a bad journey home although when we hit the M25 the rain was now very heavy.
Arrived home at 7:30pm by this time the rain had stopped so had time to unload the van before the next shower. Had a nice quiet evening before bed time.
Thank you to all our Busy Bee gang for visiting our stand at Brighton as you make our day worthwhile. A brilliant day out.